China will strictly regulate the beauty e-commerce industry

Created on:2022-12-16 14:59

Recently, the #NMPA issued the "Measures for the Supervision and Administration of Cosmetics Online Operation (Draft for Comment)" for public consultation until September 6th, which focuses on the supervision and management of cosmetics e-commerce platform operators, the cosmetics operators on the platform, and etc.


The draft clearly indicates that #cosmetic e-commerce #platforms operators need to set up cosmetic quality and safety management team or hire quality and safety management personnel, to establish and organize systems, and carry out daily supervision and inspections. The inspection content includes whether there is any information or business behavior of #cosmetics operators on the platform that does not comply with cosmetic regulations. For cosmetics operators with illegal activities, they will be reported to the local MPA in a timely manner and platform services will be suspended according to the severity; and the situation of illegal operations will be reported to the local MPA every quarter. In addition, the draft also points out that the platform should strengthen the publicity and training of relevant laws and regulations for cosmetics operators on the platform.


For cosmetic operators on the platform, the draft emphasizes that they should fulfill the obligation to disclose cosmetic information on the platform. If a batch of random inspections fails, they need to stop operating the batch of products immediately, and if other batches are allowed to continue to operate, they should proactively display the information of failing cosmetic product on the main page. If the cosmetics have quality defects or other problems that may endanger human health, they should immediately stop the operation, and notify the relevant cosmetics registrants and notifier for product recall.


After this Measures comes into effect, cosmetics e-commerce will have new unified and standardized guiding standards, which will effectively protect the rights and interests of consumers, and make strong contribution to the clarity of the market environment for the cosmetics e-commerce industry.


If you have any questions or how wondering about market entrance into China, please feel free to contact #OCI.


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