News from NIFDC: Adjusting the Way of Cosmetic Raw Materials Submission

Created on:2022-09-30 20:43

On September 28, the China National Institute for Food and Drug Control (NIFDC) issued an announcement. Stating that for #cosmetics raw materials that fail to obtain the #raw material submission code when applying for cosmetic notification/registration, there are two ways to submit #raw material safety information: 

  1. 1. To provide the raw material specification document or raw material safety-related information with the official seal of the raw material manufacturer; 
  2. 2. To provide the raw material safety-related information by cosmetic registrant/notifier/domestic responsible person with the authorization of the raw material manufacturer.


According to the new regulations, an option is actually added. That is, under authorization from the raw material manufacturers, the registrant/notifier can fill in the raw material safety-related information by themselves, which may reduce the difficulty of cosmetics registration/notification.


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