Sino-Japan International Cosmetics Regulation Exchange Webinar

Created on:2022-09-28 16:50

On Sep. 1, 2022, OCI held a free webinar on international regulations on cosmetics between China and Japan, together with Beijing Sino-German Union Cosmetics Institute (SGCI), Japan-China Cosmetic Exchange Association and SanAi (Cosme Vision) Co. Ltd. Three specialists has given 3 different topics on “Trends of Global Cosmetics Regulations and The Positioning of China and Japan in Cosmetics Regulations”, “Efficacy evaluation and implementation of cosmetics in China”, and “Interpretation of laws and regulations on Chinese labels of cosmetics and sharing of common problems”. Cosmetics in China and Japan have their own advantages, and the exchanges between the cosmetic industries of the two countries are also very important. We believe that the successful holding of this conference will promote exchanges and cooperation between enterprises of both sides.