China Has Approved Up to 85 Food for Special Purpose (FSMP) products

Created on:2022-09-28 16:38

Based on the relevant information released from the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR), the approved Food for Special Purpose (FSMP) products in China have reached 85 up to now. The first fat formula and specific nutritionally complete food were both approved in 2022, which greatly enriched the FSMP categories in China. Until now, a totally 85 FSMP products have been approved in China, including 56 domestic products and 29 foreign products. Among them, the dosage forms of 65 products are powder, and only 20 products are liquid.


In terms of product type, ,37 of them is infant formula for special medical purposes, 27 are nutritionally incomplete food, 20 are nutritionally complete food and 1 is specific nutritionally complete food. While specific nutritionally complete food have not been approved until now.


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