NMPA proposed the local MPA should strengthen their supervision and guidance on cosmetics registrants, notifiers, and quality assurance person.

Created on:2022-08-19 10:35

The Comprehensive Department of the NMPA proposed that the local MPA should strengthen supervision, inspection and training, and guidance on #cosmetics_registrants, notifiers and quality assurance person of the entrusted production enterprises. The local MPA should assess whether they have professional knowledge to perform duties related to the quality and safety of cosmetics. Urge them to perform the corresponding product quality and safety management and product release duties according to the law to ensure product quality and safety.

Beijing  #OCI  is a raw material and product compliance technology service company, founded in June 2006, engaged in the compliance technology consultation and service of chemicals, cosmetics, food, agricultural products and other industries in China and Southeast Asia, meanwhile, provides relevant auxiliary technical support. Assist in test planning,  #risk_assessment , safety data analysis and market preparation of regulatory risk alerts in accordance with national and regional standards.

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