The conclusions and the potential solutions can be summarized as follows

Created on:2021-11-18 17:01
  • Regulatory issues in chemical recycling are currently not discussed in scientific papers. The opportunities and challenges posed by REACH and other chemicals, waste and product safety legislation are specific to each chemical recycling technology. As such, the report recommends that the regulatory issues are studied on a case-by-case basis, separately for each type of chemical recycling technology. It also summarizes the feedback from operators on the challenges for each recycling technology.
  • There is little knowledge about the abilities of different chemical recycling processes to eliminate substances of concern. To make sound conclusions, investigations at chemical recycling plants should be carried out.
  • Chemical recycling technologies differ in their potential to ensure the circularity of plastics. The potential of specific technologies should be evaluated case-by-case to avoid false generalizations on the pros and cons of one technology for the whole field of chemical recycling.
  • Digital technologies contribute to improving the traceability of substances of concern in recycling. However, their implementation requires substantial efforts between and inside organizations.