Chemical Registration in Taiwan

Created on:2021-09-27 12:08

The Toxic Chemical Substances Control Law of Taiwan was amended and enacted on Dec 11, 2013. The amended law incorporated the source-management system. In the following year (Dec 11, 2014), the EPA formulated the Regulations of New and Existing Chemical Substances Registration to officially launch the registration system for chemical substances and established the Chemical Substance Registration Center to access the distribution information on domestic chemical substances. These measures not only facilitated the screening and evaluation of toxic chemical substances but also established a national database for chemicals.


Since December 11, 2014, both the registration of existing and new chemical substances shall comply with the Toxic Chemical Substance Control Act. The Occupational Safety and Health Act also plays a role in new chemical substances registration. The EPA and the MOL have worked together to establish an interministerial one-stop service for registration applications. This arrangement effectively reduces the burden originating from the industry to file applications respectively to the two authorities.


To manufacture/import new chemicals or over a certain amount of existing chemicals, companies should submit information, including manufacture/import amount, physical, chemical, toxicological, exposure, and hazard assessment, designated by the central competent authorities.


The EPA conducted the phase 1 registration of existing chemical substances from Sep 1, 2015 to Mar 31, 2016, to acquire the status of domestic manufacturing or importing companies and the quantity of chemical substances. After the deadline, manufacturers shall still complete phase 1 of registration under the regulations. Considering the opinions of the industry, the registration regulation was amended so that the registration duration for companies of first-time manufacturing/importing existing chemicals up to 100 kg was extended to six months. Those manufacturing/importing lower than 100 kg could apply for registration in advance. Currently, the number of existing chemical substances in Taiwan is nearly 27,000.


Keywords:  new chemical substances registration, phase 1 of registration