Many women often love hair dyeing, but they don't know much about the harm of hair dyes. What are the hazards of hair dyes?

Created on:2021-09-10 10:27

1. Most hair dyes contain allergen - p-phenylenediamine. Some people will have allergic reactions to this chemical component. After using hair dyes, they will have allergic reactions such as eyelid edema, skin redness, and even itchy rashes;

2. Hair dye will affect the water imbalance in the hair and denature a large number of proteins, resulting in brittle hair and loss of natural softness, toughness and luster;

3. The stimulation of hair dye will cause the inflammatory reaction of scalp and hair follicle. After a long time, it will cause the atrophy of hair follicle, and the hair will change from thick to thin, and finally fall off;

4. Toxic chemicals in hair dyes need to be metabolized through the liver and kidney after entering the human body. Long term repeated inhalation will inevitably damage the liver and kidney function.

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