Registration Service of New Varieties of Food Additives in China

Created on:2021-01-28 12:44

    According to Food Safety Law of the People's Republic of China, to produce or import new food additives, the manufacturer/importer should submit safety assessment materials of the intended product to National Health Commission of the Peoples Republic of China (NHC) for review. For applications that comply with food safety requirements, a license would be approved and publicly announced.

Definition of new food additives

• The varieties of food additives not listed in the Food Safety National Standard

•The varieties of food additives not listed in the inventory announced by National Health Commission of China (NHC)

• The varieties of food additives with extended application scope or amount of usage

Requirements for the use of new food additives

1Shall not cover up the food spoilage ;

2Shall not cover up the quality defects of the food and the processing fault;

3Do not use the food additives for the purpose of adulteration and forgery;

4The nutritive value of food may not be reduced;

5Under the precondition that the desired effect is achievedthe dosage of food additive shall be reduced as much as possible;

6The food processing aids used in food industry shall be removed before the final product is made, except for the permitted residues.


Documents to accompany application for new varieties of food additives

1General name, functional classification, dosage and scope or volume of use

2Materials or documents to confirm the technical necessity of the new variety and its applying effects

3Requirements on quality and specification, productive technology and test methods, test method specially used for the new additive in food and other information on relevant aspects

4Documents on safety assessment, including raw materials or sources of production, chemical structure and physical characteristics, manufacturing methods, toxicological studies or reports, and test reports of quality specifications

5Labels, instructions and samples of food additive products

6Materials contribute to safety evaluation, permitted to produce and use by other countries (regions) and international organizations


Those who apply for expanding the scope or amount of usage may be exempted from submitting the materials 5 mentioned above.


Additional materials submitted for initial import

1 The supporting documents of the permission of production or sale of the food additive in the local place, which is issued by relevant agency or institute of exporting country (region)

2The supporting documents of examination or accreditation of the original manufacturer issued by relevant agency or institute of the host country (region)

3The entrusted applicant shall provide the letter of authorization for the entrusted application

4Chinese version shall be notarized by relevant Chinese notary organizations


Our services

• Regulatory consultation of new food additives

• Preliminary analysis and suggestions of new food additives registration

• Design of registration timeline

• Material analysis, provide guidance for customers to supply materials

• Arrange sample inspection by qualified laboratories; Track inspection process&handles problem; Inspection report review

• Documents preparation and submission

• Communication with experts and competent authorities

• Technical support; Participate in technical review meeting and help to answer technical questions


    OCI was founded in Beijing in 2006. It was the trailblazer for providing chemical and food compliance service in China. OCI has a rich experience in the registration of new food additives, and grasps the latest industry regulations in time, providing the professional, efficient and fast service for consumers who want to create more economic benefits in Chinese market. 

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