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Created on:2020-11-03 13:38


Hair Dyeing is most popular in China, one of the most common methods of modern cosmetics, which uses plants (such as oil pear, nail grass, polygonummultiflorumand etc.) or chemical pigment, to color the hair whatever people want. Hair dyeing serves in two major ways: one stopover gray hair; the others to be fashionable. Young people would change their hair color according to the mood change, costumes, make-up, and to make a demonstration of their personality. Meanwhile, middle-aged people keep blacking their hair to keep it from looking gray. A survey done by 2600 people shows that, more than 90%of them had dyed hair, and half of them started before the age of 30. So it’s unavoidable that, the increase of hair dyeing brings more using of hair colorant.


Hair colorant refers to cosmetics which dyes hair into different colors and shades. It’s defined as special cosmetics in China, and it’s under management of Chinese cosmetic regulations. The “special” of it, is how it functions between drugs and cosmetics.


Hair colorant made of pure plant is harmless to human body, but its high price and low output, makes it extremely rare on the market. The more common one is oxidation hair colorant, which brings damage to us as follows:


Firstly, as the oxidizing agent is an important ingredient of hair colorant, its damage on hair keratin is extremely huge. By frequently using, the hair would be dry, brittle, split, and fall off easily.


Secondly, the permanent colorant uses aniline dye intermediates, which has a high level of stimulation and toxicity among cosmetic raw materials. And this is the reason why people would have allergy around hair, ears, scalp, and feel dizzy and sick when they do the hair dyeing.


Thirdly, hair colorant normally consists of two ingredients. When mixing them together before smearing it on hair, chemical reaction with high concentration of harmful gas “dioxin” would be brought out. And dioxin is considered as a strong carcinogen by the health organization, because when it enters human body through respiratory tract, it would remain in the muscle with long-term of decomposing, and it would interfere with endocrine, estrogen and thyroid hormones. The long-term of exposure would lead to genetic mutation, deformity, and even cancer. Therefore, supervision of hair colorant around the world is strict, and varies in different ways.


Overall, hair colorant has its distinct effects and damages at the same time, and with its necessity we should use it more wisely, to achieve better and damage less.

Use Hair Colorant Safely and Effectively

Choose hair colorant in regular shopping malls or salons, and choose those with proper packaging, distinct labels, production permission, approval number of special cosmetics, and standard implementation of product. When you’re to do the hair dyeing in salons, legal and formal salons with good reputation and qualified hairdressers are your best choice. 

Smear Lotions before Hair Dyeing

In order to prevent hair colorant from contacting skin, armor product should be smeared first. If hair dyeing is done by oneself, gloves should be worn to avoid direct contact. And do make sure to wash hair and scalp thoroughly after dyeing, with tender scratching to avoid poisoning or infection.

Another thing which should be noted is that, once hair colorant was opened, it should not be used any more after half a year. And avoid using different brands of colorant at the same time, for the possible chemical reactions of toxicity and allergy that might be brought up.


One or two weeks before hair dyeing, make sure to do more hair care, to reduce damage to the hair, and to make dyeing easier. One week before dying, do not use 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner, cuticle repair lotion or conditioner, for these products would form a protective film on the hair, to prevent hair colorant from entering; which means shampoo with deep cleansing effect should be used in this case. And two days before hair dyeing, do not wash hair; make sure grease was released to form a natural protective film to protect hair follicle.

Do Not Do Dyeing Repeatedly in Three Months

It’s better to do hair dyeing only once in three months. As hair colorants contained with bleaching agent, which hurts hair cuticle. And the damaged hair cuticle would become brittle, which would bring up an alarming health situation of hair.

Do Skin Test before Hair Dyeing

Whether the hair dyeing is done by oneself or salons, 3 hours before hair dyeing, a skin test must be done. Put two colorant drops A, B on the same place of inner wrist, and wait until it’s dried naturally. If there’s redness, itching or other phenomena occurred during the process, the colorant should not be used after.

Don’t Do Hair Dyeing during Pregnancy and Menstruation

Pregnant women are not suitable for contacting chemical dyeing products, because it would harm the fetal. And during menstruation, female endocrine would change in various aspects, so in order to prevent problems from happening, hair dyeing should also be avoided. Make sure to use a proper heating machine on the hair, to reduce the time for dyeing, if the hair dyeing has to be done.


Changing the hair color really brings us enjoyment of fashion, as it could bring more ways of combination with face, clothes and even mood, to make life more colorful. Hope you could know better about healthy hair dyeing through the above introduction, and enjoy the real pleasure of it!