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CRC-MEP Prompts China NCSN Certificate Holders to Submit Annual Reports

China’s Chemical Registration Centre (CRC-MEP) has issued a notice reminding simplified and regular notification certificate holders to submit annual reports for their 2013 production and import activities of new chemical substances by 10 Mar 2014, if they have not done so by 1 Feb 2014.

The CRC notice concerned 1,697 certificate holders who failed to submit their 2013 annual report on time. In the released list of certificate No., 43 were for regular notifications (RN) and the others were for simplified notifications (SN). Among the 43 RN certificates, 14 were obtained through joint notification and 5 were obtained through serial notification. As for the SN certificates, in addition to 134 certificates obtained through the general case of simplified notification, the other 1520 certificates were obtained through the special cases of simplified notification.

As specified in the Article 44 of MEP Order 7, certificate holders failing to submit the annual report can be fined up to RMB 10,000.

Table 1 Summary of China NCSN Certificates Have not Been Submitted Annual Report on Time

China New Chemical Notification (China NCSN)
Regular Notification
新常登C - XXXX
新常登C(L) - XXXX
新常登C(X) - XXXX
Simplified Notifiation
新简登T - XXXX
新简登J - XXXX


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