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New Varieties of Food-related Products Declaration

    1. The definition of new varieties of food-related products declaration

    New varieties of food-related products including: food packaging materials, containers, detergents, disinfectants and utensils and equipment used for food , the new materials, new additives for equipment use,

    Specific include:

    a). The food packaging materials, containers and its additives which are not listed in the national food safety standards or the announcement of the MOH.

    b). The food packaging materials. Containers and its additives which are expanded the use scope or usage amount.

    c). The new materials which are not listed in the raw material list of detergents and disinfectants

    d). The new raw materials and new additives which contact food directly in utensils and equipment used for food

    2. Declaration of material

    Declaration of documents:

    e). The application form;

    f). Physicochemical properties;

    g). Technology necessity material, purpose and use conditions;

    h). Production process;

    i). Quality specifications, test methods and its report;

    j). Toxicological safety evaluation material;

    k). The migration and/or residual content,  dietary exposure assessment;

    l). The approvals, utilization information at home and abroad;

    m). Other useful information;

    As a new variety of imported food-related products, besides the declaration of documents required above, it also needs the following data:

    ⑴. The free sale certificate or production permission issued by relevant departments/agencies in the country (area) where the production enterprise based.

    ⑵. The certification for producers to review or the authentication by relevant departments/agencies in manufacturer country (area)

    ⑶. The agent must submit the proxy of classics notarization to handle application.

    ⑷. The Chinese translation should have the notarization by china notary office.

    OCI provides registration services of packing material for foods and additives and resins used in packing.

    1. Interpretation of laws and regulations;

    2. Preliminary evaluation for the period and cost of new food-related products registration;

    3. Provide professional registration suggestions to the customer;

    4. Arrange tests needed in the registration process; help the customer communicate with the laboratory; and track the experiment progress.

    5. Compile the complete registration documents;

    6. Submit the registration documents of the customer to related authorities and follow the evaluation progress;

    7. Report to the customer timely for the updated progress of the registration progress; and ensure the confidentiality of the technical documents;

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