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Novel Food Declaration

    1. The scope of the application of novel foods

    1)Animals, plants and microbes; 

    2)Components separated from animals, plants, and microbes; 

    3)Food ingredients that have changed the original structure; 

    4)Other newly developed food raw materials.

    2. Relevant Laws and regulations

    1) Food Safety Law, formally implemented on October 1, 2015;

    2)Provisions for the declaration and acceptance of novel foods, issued in October 15, 2013;

    3)Management measures for the safety review of novel foods, implementation from October 1, 2013;

    "4)GB 2760-2014 National Standard of Food Safety – Standard of the Use of Food Additives"

    "5)GB 14880-2012 National Standard of Food Safety – Standard of the Use of Food Nutrient Fortifier"

    3. Our services

    1) Pre-staged preliminary assessment and analysis and suggestions

    2) Materials analysis, provide technical guidance for the customer to supplement informations

    3) The dossier editing

    4) Regularly report the preparation schedule of project materials

    5) Technical support ; attend technical review conference and assist to answer the technical questions

    6) Track technical review

    7)  Communication with experts and authorities

    4. Work process

    5.5A service

    High efficiency

    Stage transparency

    Information security

    Risk advisement

    Value-added Service


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