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New Cosmetic Ingredient

    The definition of new cosmetic ingredient

    New cosmetic ingredient means natural or artificial ingredient has never been used in producing cosmetic in China.

    Basis of new cosmetic ingredient Judgment:

    Unlisted in List of the Used Cosmetics Ingredient Names

    Main classification of new cosmetic ingredient:

    1. Chemical synthesis ingredient (small molecular, polymer)
    2. Plant extract
    3. Microbial fermentation ingredient

    List of application documents of the new cosmetic ingredient licensing :

  • Data number (1) Application form for new cosmetic ingredients administrative approval;
  • Data number (2) R&D reports;
  • Data number (3) Descriptions and diagrams of the production process.
  • Data number (4) Raw material quality and safety control requirements;
  • Data number (5) Toxicological & safety evaluation data;
  • Data number (6) Copies of the certificate of entrustment and business licenses of recorded units responsible for Administrative approval in China, the copies shall be stamped with the official seal
  • Data number (7) Additional information that may be useful for administrative approval;
  • Attach a sample for review.

    Registration procedures:

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