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China's Cosmetics Supervision

    The definition and classification of cosmetics:

  • According to the Regulations on the Supervision of Cosmetics Hygiene, a cosmetic refers to the daily chemical industrial product which spreads to any part of the body surface (skin, hair, nails, lips, etc.) by smearing, spraying or other similar methods to achieve the purpose of cleaning, eliminating bad smell, skin care, beauty and modification.
  • According to the Regulations on the Supervision of Cosmetics Hygiene and its detailed rules for implementation, China's cosmetics are divided into special use cosmetics and non-special use cosmetics, and special use cosmetics are divided into nine categories: hair raising, hair coloring, perming, hair removal, breasts beautifying, body building, deodorization, freckle removal and sunscreen.

    The China’s supervisory system:

  • China implements the systems of cosmetics licensing (record), production licensing and market supervision, and establishes a multi sectoral supervision system based on hygiene supervision.
  • Cosmetics licensing (record) includes the administrative licensing of the use of new cosmetic ingredient, domestic special use cosmetics, and the record of domestic non-special use cosmetics and and Imported non-special use cosmetics. The administrative licensing of cosmetics implements a system which has three separate steps: acceptance, review and approval. The pre-market licensing system is implemented for new cosmetic ingredient and special use cosmetics.
  • The production licensing includes the production licensing and the hygiene licensing of the production enterprise. The production certificate is issued by the Quality Supervision department and is valid for 5 years. The hygiene license of the production enterprise is issued by the provincial level Food and Drug Supervision Department and is valid for 4 years.
  • The market supervision is carried out by the original Food and Drug Supervision Department, the original Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine Department and the original Industry and Commerce Administrative Department in accordance with their functions.
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