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Application documents

    List of application documents of record-keeping of imported non-special use cosmetics:

    Data number (1) Application form for record-keeping of imported non-special use cosmetics;

    Data number (2) Rationale for nomenclature of the product Chinese name;

    Data number (3) Product formulas;

    Data number (4) Product quality and safety control requirements;

    Data number (5) Original package (including product labels and product brochures); Package design intended specifically for the Chinese market shall be submitted (including product labels and product brochures);

    Data number (6) Descriptions and diagrams of the production process;

    Data number (7)The product technical requirements.

    Data number (8) Testing report issued by CFDA-accredited testing institutions and related dossier;

    Data number (9) Safety evaluation data of the product potential safety hazards;

    Data number (10)Letter of commitment ensuring that the cosmetic materials and sources of materials are in line with the requirements for restriction and prohibition of substances from BSE affected high risk areas;

    Data number (11)Documents proving production and sales of the product in the producing country (region) or country (region) of origin;

    Data number (12) Documents proving production quality management of overseas production enterprises;

    Data number (13)Additional information that may be useful for administrative approval;


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