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Hazardous Chemical Substance Notification

    Hazardous Chemical Substance Inventory (2015)


    1. This table is only used for data searching and reference of hazardous chemical substance inventory. The official written document issued by the government shall prevail.

    2. The full text of Inventory was issued by the State Administration of Work Safety (SAWS)together with Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Environment Protection, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Agriculture, National Health and Family Planning Commission, General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, Railway Administration and Civil Aviation Administration on February 27, 2015, which was implemented on May 1,2015. Hazardous Chemical Substance Inventory (2002) and Highly Toxic Chemical Substance Inventory (2002) was abolished at the same time.

    Service Flow Chart of Hazardous Chemical Substance Notification

    Introduction of Hazardous Chemical Substance Notification

    1 Definition of Hazardous Chemical Substance

    Hazardous chemical substances are the materials which have the properties of poison, corrosion, explosion, burning etc, and the poisonous chemicals and other chemicals which are hazardous to human body, facilities and environment.

    2. Types of the hazardous chemicals notification include:

    Hazardous chemicals business license

    The registration certificate of hazardous chemicals

    3 Hazardous Chemical Substance Notifications

    March 11, 2011, the new revision (Decree No. 591) of the “Hazardous Chemical Substances Safety Management Regulation”, signed by the State Council Premier Wen Jiabao on March 2, was announced. This new regulation came into force since December 1st, 2011 instead of Decree No. 344. In order to strengthen the safety administration of hazardous chemicals, regulating the dangerous chemical registration work, the country executes a dangerous chemical registration system. NRCC-SAWS take the hazardous chemical registration and management work of the whole nation. The registration office of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly undertake the supervision and administration of its own administrative area. The enterprises for manufacture and importation of hazardous chemical substances should perform notification to local departments who are responsible for the supervision and administration of safety of the dangerous chemical.

    4 Notification Scope of Hazardous Chemical Substance

    Substances which have been listed on the Hazardous Chemical Substance Inventory (Version 2015) and substances not be listed on the inventory but classified as hazardous chemicals by the qualified institutes should perform hazardous chemicals notification according to Decree No. 591 and the Measures.

    5 Validity of Hazardous Chemical Substance Registration Certificate

    The valid period of hazardous chemical certificate is 3 years. The Holders of the certificate who intend to go on with the manufacture/importation of the substance should submit the application of new certificate 3 months before the old certificate expired.

    6. Q: How long is the processing time for the hazardous chemicals business license?

    A: The application will be accepted in 5 working days; the examination, on-site verification and the decision of whether to grant the license or not will take 30 working days; issuing the notice of granting the business license or not will take 10 working days.

    7. Q: What shall we provide when applying for the hazardous chemicals business license?

    A: (1) Documents of applying the license and the letter of application;

    (2) The directory lists of safety production regulations and position operation procedures;

    (3) Related qualifications (copies) of the main responsible person of the enterprise, the safety manager, and the special type operator, as well as the certificates (copies) of other employees;

    (4) Property rights certification or leasehold certification of the business place (copies);

    (5) The enterprise business license with the enterprise nature or name pre-approval documents issued by the department of administration for industry and commerce (copies);

    (6) The registration form of emergency plans and accident records for hazardous chemicals (copies)

    As for the enterprise dealing with hazardous chemicals with storage facilities, the applicant shall also provide the following documents:

    (1) Relevant certificate documents of the storage facilities (copies); leasehold documents for the leased storage facilities (copies); if there is newly-built/modified/extended storage facility, the hazardous chemicals construction project completion acceptance position paper (copies) shall also be provided.

    (2) Documents of major hazard source records; the academic certificate, the technical title certificate or the safety engineer qualification certificate(Safe Management of Hazardous Chemicals) of the professional safety manager.

    (3) The safety evaluation report.

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